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About company

Our company was established in 1999 in the fishing port of Dar這wo.
Since 2000 we have had our own fishing fleet, supplying us with the
freshest raw material straight from the Baltic Sea. Our fishermen are
limited at cod and salmon fishing
quantities. In 2004 we were given PL 32131817 veterinary approval
number, authorizing us to produce for export and sell on the European
Union market. In September 2009 our company was reconstructed and
modernized. As of today, it bears the trade mark of "PortFish" Zbigniew
Owczarek, Jan Omylak. We are a company of family character, employing 50
persons. We operate under the quality system control HACCP.

We specialize in saltwater fish processing, such as:

The company's placement lets us perform services of unloading saltwater
fishing boats of any kind, including foreign vessels.
Our three principles are: best quality, prompt delivery, responsibility.


sp. z o.o.

ul. Wilk闚 Morskich 19
76-153 Dar這wo

e-mail: portfish@wp.pl
tel./fax: +48 94 314 02 51, mobile +48 512 326 303

KRS No 0000229336

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